Euro limit: Private loans

Eurolimit is part of the stable WestStar Group, which has been active in the financial industry since 2006. Throughout the years, they have helped both private individuals and companies find the right financial solutions. The task is to offer the borrower the best service through quick and flexible payments. They provide less private loans for sums between SEK 5,000 – 50,000 over a term of 6 months up to a full 5 years. Loans via Eurolimit are therefore suitable for you who are in need of a smaller private loan for a longer period. If you are looking for business loans instead, there is a separate page about going under the name BusinessCredit .

Euro limit, private loans SEK 5000 – SEK 50,000:

  • Credit information via UC & Bisnode
  • Clear small loans with long maturity
  • Loan decision within 24 hours

Instantor is currently used by over 150 lenders and banks to facilitate the process of applying for online loans. Instantor AB is a Swedish company that offers a flexible method when you need to prove your ability to pay and supplement the credit assessment with an account statement. To be able to use the service on Instantor’s platform, a link is sent to you and you need to log in via the internet bank of the bank from which you want to make a statement. Then the information is sent digitally to Eurolimit, which can complete the application immediately.

Responsible lending of high-cost loans

Dollar Money

Eurolimit is keen on its customers and emphasizes the importance of taking a loan with the right intention. Taking a loan today can affect the economy in the future and it is therefore because you have calculated the current and future monthly cost to ensure that you have the ability to repay the loan without any problems . Unlike most loan institutions, Eurolimit has a relatively high age limit of at least 25 years, where it is also important that one has a good credit rating, in order to reduce the risk of falling into debt traps.

Apply for a blank loan

Apply for a blank loan via Eurolimit

Fill in the form you find directly on the home page or under the tab “Apply for a loan” and follow the stated points. You enter general personal information and loan amount and maturity. To complete the application and finally submit the log in via Instantor. Your case will be processed during office hours, which is weekend-free weekdays until 17:00. If you apply for customer service opening hours, you can get an answer within a few hours and no later than 24 hours depending on when you submitted the application. Applicants receive a personal login at where they can follow the case and that loan messages are sent to the specified e-mail.

Payment and credit check

Payment and credit check

When a complete application has been approved by both parties and you signed with BankID / Instantor, payment is made to your bank account within 1-3 banking days, this applies to accounts with all Swedish banks. Note that a credit report is made both via UC and Bisnode on all applicants. You will therefore receive two copies of your credit report in your name. Too many strikes via UC affect one’s creditworthiness, but information at Bisnode is anonymous, which means that it is not visible in any other register.

For the possibility of becoming an approved loan via Eurolimit, it is required that one is and has an economically stable history, hence payment remarks are not approved.

Interest and expenses

The costs incurred for a loan via Eurolimit are set-up fee of SEK 495 (one-off) and avia fee of SEK 40 per month. In addition, the annual fixed nominal interest rate is 17 – 39.5% and the effective interest rate (total cost) instead falls between 34.60 – 87.91%. The interest rate is always fixed and determined on the basis of the loan amount, maturity and the borrower’s equity. An invoice is created and sent 14 days after you have been granted a loan.